Problems with UCP

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(Terry) #1

We are experiencing issues with our UCP since the installation of our PBX and need help getting it to work properly.

On login we are met by this error: There was an error, see console logs for more details.

User Control Panel 15.0.8

Please see attached screenshots.
Any help would be appreciated.

(Sandesh Prakash) #2

Hi @terrence

If you are using HTTPS then please use a valid certificate and set that certificate to default.
Also please do not reload the browser which will through you those ajax errors.
Please logout and login with proper credentials and the Ajax forbidden error should be gone.

Thank you.

(Terry) #3

Hi @psandesh

We are using HTTPS with a valid SSL certificate.

Is there some way we can confirm that it is correctly configured?

I don’t refresh when logging in. That is what I see on first login.

(Terry) #4

Im not sure if this is the root cause of the issue. But the problem is that the widgets don’t work. They just load like this.

(Terry) #5

Get this error from the http_error log:

client denied by server configuration: [authz_core:error] [pid 3445] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /var/www/html/ucp/assets/js/compiled/main/

And this from UCP error log:

2828 2021-09-14 13:45 +02:00: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat ‘/var/www/html/admin/modules/ucp/node/lib/public/index.html’