Problem with two servers

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(Anderson Silvestre) #1

Hi guys, I’m new here and pretty new in the Asterisk and Freepbx stuff, so I’ll try to explain my problem the best that I can, and sorry if I’m making a post about a thing that was like another post.
So my problem is, here we have two servers of Asterisk, one is fixed IP and another has DHCP configuration. And we have to transfer calls between the two servers trunks and extensions. But when the server with dhcp changes the IP, it’s not possible only if we restart the server.
We don’t want this because we have a call center and restart the server every time it’s inappropriate.
How can I fix this without having to restart the server every time this happens? What configuration I’m supposed to change. Thank you, guys.

(Communication Technologies) #2
  1. Make the DHCP server static?
  2. Use an intermediary that both pbx’s register to (Kamailio)?

(Lorne Gaetz) #3

Configure the PBX with the dynamic IP to register to the other, and config the static IP to accept the registration. Exactly the same as if it’s a phone.

(Paul Hadley) #4

I have two FPBX systems linked together using a PJSIP trunk on one end and a Chan_Sip trunk on the other, both have dynamic IP address and is use to get host names.

The secret on the PJSIP PBX (Thanks to some help on here) was to change the authentication type to Auth Username


On the PJSIP PBX I also use a small script to check the external IP address every five minutes and run “Core Reload” when it changes, so far I haven’t had any issues with connections between the two, a change in either one is fixed without intervention in under five minutes and doesn’t interfere with ongoing calls.

(Paul Hadley) #5

I think if you have two PJSIP systems you would need a trunk in and out on both (unless you use identical trunk names) and the “Core Reload” script running on both.

(Paul Hadley) #6

This is my script.


and my crontab entry to run it every 5 mins


if that helps at all.