Problem with BLF keys on grandstream gxp 2160's

We have a customer with several sites using a Freepbx distro 14 and a lot of gxp 2160 and gxp 2130 phones. Periodically a blf key (programmed under one of the physical keys) representing another extension will show red when the extension it is representing is idle. It seems to only appear on one phone even if that extension has a blf appearance on multiple phones but it is not the same phone every time. Seems to happen on the 2160’s and the 2130’s across all sites. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I am also having this issue with the same model 2160. Adding that when the extension that is illuminated red will not allow connections from the handset with the illuminated button.
So I have ext 200 and 201 and blf for both on both handsets; if the blf for 201 on 200 handset is red, 200 cannot call 201 until the blf is cleared by calling 200 from 201.

There does not seem to be any pattern for the extensions that are affected.

What firmware version are you running on the 2160s?

I occasionally have this issue with my day/night mode BLF button.

I was able to resolve this issue by upgrading firmware to and lowering the subscribe expiration timer to 2 minutes.

Kevin, thanks for the update. What was the timer expire value before you changed it?

How did you set the subscribe expiration timer? I have updated all of my handsets to and I still get the in use blf keys.

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