Problem with Backup & Restore 12.0.13

I’ve mounted a share on a windows machine /mnt/win/backup_asterisk
when i run backup I get the message

Saving Backup 7…done!
Intializing Backup 7
Backup Lock acquired!
Running pre-backup hooks…
Adding items…
/bin/tar: Removing leading /' from member names /bin/tar: Removing leading/’ from member names
Bulding manifest…
Creating backup…
Storing backup…
/bin/cp: cannot create regular file `/mnt/win/backup_asterisk/Backup_7/20150221-010949-1424480989-264342720.tgz’: No such file or directory
Error copying /var/spool/asterisk/tmp/20150221-010949-1424480989-264342720.tgz to /mnt/win/backup_asterisk/Backup_7/20150221-010949-1424480989-264342720.tgz:
Running post-backup hooks…
Backup completed with errors!

I am able to run a cp command, copying a file to the same share with no issues -

Any input would be much appriciated

does the httpd user have read/write access to your backup directory and does it exist where you want it to be?

Good point!! Just did a backup to default and a copy. Works a treat.

@dicko nailed it.

When you’ve mounted the windows share, you haven’t mounted it with the correct permissions. At a guess, it’s defaulted to ‘nobody/nobody’ with 755 permissions or something.

Make sure the user is ‘asterisk’.