Problem Whith phone cisco CP6921 Unable to transfer phone calls

Good evening
I am new to the forum but I follow you for some time.
Use FreePBX for about 2 years with all devices SCCPs, problems with a Cisco model CP 6921, do not can’t activate the call transfer key, someone could help me?


son nuovo del forum ma vi seguo da tempo.
Utilizzo freepbx da circa 2 anni con tutti apparati sccp, riscontro problemi con un modello Cisco CP 6921, non riesco ad attivare il tasto di trasferimento chiamata, qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi?

Are you using the Digium SCCP module or Chan-SCCP-B?

Chan-Sccp, You know help me ?

I might be able to. Dietrich on the Chan-SCCP-B forums can probably help you more. The transfer button works on all of my SCCP phones (a mix of 79xx and a few others).

can you send me an img of your sccp.conf file configuration?

The one on the chan-sccp-b website (in the Chan-SCCP-B for FreePBX page) is my sccp.conf. That was what I used to set up the Wiki.

Please,give me the link

I Googled “freepbx chan-sccp-b wiki” and got this as one of the top five entries (all of which would be good reading):

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