Problem updating UCPNode


There is a problem updating UCP Node to latest version (12.0.3). The error is:

Upgrading ucpnode..
Downloading 20768 of 20768 (100%)

Module ucpnode successfully downloaded
Detected Missing Dependency of: ucp 12.0.69
Downloading Missing Dependency of: ucp 12.0.69
Found module locally, verifying...Verified. Using Local

Module ucp successfully downloaded
Installing Missing Dependency of: ucp 12.0.69
Installed Missing Dependency of: ucp 12.0.69
Unable to install module ucpnode:
 - <strong>User Control Panel</strong> module version 12.0.69 or higher is required, you have 12.0.24

I suppose the depedency is wrong and it should be framework 12.0.69 and not ucp 12.0.69 since the latest version of ucp is 12.0.26.


This is a known issue and you are correct, a typo slipped into the published version. As long as you don’t see anything odd in UCP, there is no harm in delaying the ucpnode upgrade until the dependency gets sorted.

This was resolved today. The new version is online.