Problem recurrent message ' Error parsing '4294967295': String value was greater...'

Hi , i need help for understand something, i have freepbx install with many trunk and many extension, all is working normally. But since 2 month, i have lot of recurrent message in the log , i will post you at the end of the post. Any idea Why i have these error??
Thanks a lot !

ERROR[2002] pjproject: sip_parser.c Error parsing ‘4294967295’: String value was greater than the maximum allowed value.
ERROR[2002] pjproject: sip_transport.c Error processing 409 bytes packet from UDP : PJSIP invalid value error exception when parsing ‘Contact’ header on line 3 col -1:

the ‘why’ is already answered

its there in the message you posted

String value was greater than the maximum allowed value

you would need to examine that actual packet to determine what was sent and then the error may make more sense; some cursory glancing around turned up issues where anything from router ALG’s to ipv6 induced similar

Thanks for you answer.
Ok i understand , i have multiple server and all have This error ( since 2 month) never before , i think come from my sip provider change something , how i can determine wich packet cause this error?

Maybe this can help, it’s under the 2 errors messages lines

OPTIONS XxxX;line=qregbxf SIP/2.0
Call-ID: [email protected]
Contact: ;expires=4294967295
From: ;tag=00-04116-0959b2fc-067054f31
Max-Forwards: 70
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP X.X.X.X: 5060;rport;branch=z9hG4bK-QZUR-061baaea-1eb75c8c
Content-Length: 0

Hi, I have 100% exactly the same issue, on two different systems! Also started about a month or two ago.

Did you find any solution?

PS. That number 4294967295 is exactly 2^32 - 1


No, sadly i still have this problem.Wich trunk provider did you use ?

I have several, but the problem only occurs with OVH from France.

Just installed a complete new FreePBX from scratch - problem still there…

Yes i confirm , i have thé exact problèm and only with ovh France too

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