PRI with the Dahdi Config module

I haven’t set up a PRI in awhile so with this new installation I decided to use the GUI module. The card is a Digium 1TE133F single port and the module shows it as unconfigured after installing it. I clicked on the edit tab, made some changes and applied/reset Dahdi and Asterisk. The card is now configured but after either a reboot or sometimes an fwconsole restart the card reverts to unconfigured and looses the changes.
The server is a brand new FreePBX Appliance 60
I appreciate any help thank you

It is probably better to do it the old fashioned way, the GUI way is fraught with problems as any number of posts here will confirm, that you can avoid by just not using it. When it is working it won’t need touching again (provided you disable the gooey thing :wink: )

Thanks for the quick response Dicko. You are probably correct that I should use the terminal to set it up. My next question is how would you disable that module since it asks you to enable it when you first log into it? Just disable it in the Module Update page? Many thanks

Not just disable it, delete it, or it might continue to try and subjugate the contents of /etc/dahdi in the future.

Dahdi is extraneous to Asterisk (and particularly to FreePBX), and having root control it’s starting and behavior (not the asterisk/webuser ) is in my opinion a more robust thing.

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