Previewing Apply Config Changes?

Is there a way to preview what Apply Config is intending to apply? And, if so, can the changes be cancelled either individually (if more than one change) or just all changes? I can understand if an update needs to be applied and would be exempt from cancelling, but possibly a configuration change could be abandoned and clear the Apply Config button.


This is a highly requested feature and unfortunately a complete mess to deliver. FreePBX has numerous methods into which changes can be made, the GUI is just one of them. There is also the fact that the “Apply Config” button makes all changes happen but that is not true. Simply by submitting the form certain things are just changed. Many settings are not stored in the SQL back end database such as an Extension recording, dictation and other settings. These are stored in the AstDB and are updated when the form submission happens. Voicemail is another example.

Apply Config causes the core configuration files to be rewritten and reloaded into memory. As I said with all the methods that FreePBX allows including custom methods it would be hard to track these things and then revert them as it would require a lot of data to be cached/saved in locations to revert back to.


Thank you, Tom. I appreciate the explanation.

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