Prevent BLF from transfering call to Intercom Speakers

Funny issue here:

We have a customer that uses Yealink phones. There is a BLF programmed to call an extension that is registered on a Fanvil PA2 for intercom calls. Since the installation of the system, it happened twice that the user accidentally transfered his active call to the Fanvil PA2 by pressing the intercom BLF while on a call.

Does anyoneknow a way to program a key for the intercom that does not transfer the active call. I know it’s a bad manipulation from the user, but I need to find a way to prevent it because it will happen again.

I thought about using a speeddial key that “forces” a new call (pickup a new line) before calling the intercom but I can’t find a way to do it. Maybe there is a feature code for this ?

This would be more for the phone manufacture, I think, to see what is possible.

I did see this post:
Can i disable call transfer for a single extension - Distro Discussion & Help - FreePBX Community Forums

If the transfers occurring are using the context from-internal-xfer, you can take a look at it and see if you can add it in extensions_custom.conf or override it completely with extensions_override.conf, with some sort of check for the specific use case and cause the xfer to fail.

For FreePBX to do this, you will need some custom dialplan.

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