Can i disable call transfer for a single extension

Hi Guys is there any way to disable call transfer option for a particular extension from getting calls by transfer option …

Are you asking “is it possible to not allow calls to be transferred from a specific extension?” or “is it possible to not allow calls to be transferred to a specific extension?”

Either way, the answer is probably yes, but the solutions will be completely different.

I want to stop calls getting transferred to my CEO’s extension as he is getting more calls transferred to his number everyday from other employees …


I’m certain the answer it Yes now. I think one of the commercial “extension managing” packages can probably help you out here. If there isn’t a package that does this, a modified context for your CEO’s phone will also do this.

Lorne (@lgaetz ) or maybe James (@jfinstrom) might be able to make some suggestions about the the commercial module. If they don’t have a good suggestion, I’ve got an idea cooking that might get you close.

can you Please brief me the steps to do so …

why not fire the employees who are transferring calls to his extension?

That would work OK for one employee, but it sounds like a lot of people are doing it. :smile:

Let’s see - start with changing the extension he’s using. Set up an IVR on the old extension. All forward go to IVR - direct calls result in suspension/firing.

From there, you’re choices are pretty much endless. How you proceed is actually going to depend on how your CEO is supported. If he answers his own phone, then you want some kind of automated assistant in front of him. If he has a assistant, you can set up the phone (if you can use PJ-SIP) to be a “second line” on the extension number and simply set his to not ring. There really are lots of ways to handle it.

When you set up his new phone, be sure to set if internal caller ID to the old number. That way people will still get confirmation that his “number” is the same as it used to be.

Another idea would be to set up a series of steps that starts with another process (“Announcements” for example) and goes through the steps you want to make happen.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to really give you a lot of support, since you certainly want something to happen, but you haven’t told us what. For example, with your description, the right answer could be “take away his phone.”

Let us know what you want to do and how you want to do it. We can probably help.

This is not a trivial task; to allow direct dialed calls through to an extension but block transferred calls. You’ll definitely need custom code. There are channel variables set on transferred calls of ATTENDEDTRANSFER and BLINDTRANSFER. You could add a Follow-Me to the bosses extension with a block of dialplan that checks to see if those variables are populated and redirect the call if so. You could also add a block of dialplan to the context from-internal-xfer that intercepts calls to a specific extension(s) and redirects.

If you have a small budget for this, it is the type of thing we do in Sangoma Support. Link at the top of the page.

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How can we disable call transfer for some extensions? Not just one extension as a boss.
Asterisk Dial Option is a good solution?

More info - the discussion above this one went into a lot of options depending on your needs, so what are you needs?

Do you not want to be able to transfer calls to specific people (a bunch of numbers) or do you not want a bunch of people to be able to transfer calls (disable transfers based on some heuristic)?

You should have probably started your own thread - this could end up being a big discussion based on what you’re actually trying to do…


Thanks Dave. But topic is good and searchable for others.
I want to disable call transfer an extension. It means this extension won’t be able to transfer call to any other extension.
I think this is your second case.

Let me know your idea, please.

Yes you can . With Custom Contexts or within the Phone’s dial plan… Prohibits a dial sequence pattern. For example: 1900xxxxxxx! Rejects any 11-digit sequence that begins with 1900.