Position number of caller not being played in Queue Announcement, works only for 1st in line


I have a queue where I enabled “Announce Position”.

This works great for the caller that is in position 1. The announcement played is: “Your call is now first in line and will be answered by the next available representative, thank you for your patience”.

The next persons that joins the queue gets: “You are currently caller number … waiting to speak with a representative, thank you for your patience”.

So the position in the queue is not played.

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Check the logs and see if the rest of the number sound files are being correctly referenced. It could be a weirdness in a foreign language instance or something else that’s simple to resolve. You should see the sound files getting played back to the queue rider in the logs (/var/log/asterisk/full).

I checked with “asterisk -rvvvvv”.

For the first caller it will play correctly:

– <PJSIP/voip-server-00000006> Playing ‘queue-youarenext.alaw’ (language ‘en’)
– <PJSIP/voip-server-00000018> Playing ‘queue-thankyou.alaw’ (language ‘en’)

But for the next caller the fallowing is displayed:
– <PJSIP/voip-server-0000001b> Playing ‘queue-thereare.alaw’ (language ‘en’)
[2020-10-05 12:04:24] WARNING[14841][C-00000011]: file.c:789 ast_openstream_full: File digits/2 does not exist in any format
[2020-10-05 12:04:24] WARNING[14841][C-00000011]: file.c:1262 ast_streamfile: Unable to open digits/2 (format (ulaw)): No such file or directory
– <PJSIP/voip-server-0000001b> Playing ‘queue-callswaiting.alaw’ (language ‘en’)
– <PJSIP/voip-server-0000001b> Playing ‘queue-thankyou.alaw’ (language ‘en’)

It seems that it can’t find a particular file. I didn’t make any changes to Language settings. When I check “Global Language” it is set to “English”. For the Download Format “g722” and “ulaw” are selected.

Add the missing file (from another pbx install, or record one yourself).


You could also log into the console and try something like this:

find /var/lib/asterisk/sounds -name '[0-9].alaw'

Once you find them (and I’m pretty sure they’re there somewhere) you can use the following to get them to where you want them to go:

cp <pathname to file>/[0-9].alaw /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/digits/

It’s weird that the files aren’t there, though. Something else is going on.

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Thanks! The directory “/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/digits/” was missing… very strange! Didn’t make any changes to any files.

Copied them from another server, changed the permissions, and now it works :slight_smile:

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Great, don’t forget to mark your question resolved, if it is.

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