Poor Audio Quality with .82 Firmware

(Ruler2112) #1

Out of the blue, we began experiencing the issue described at https://community.freepbx.org/t/sangoma-phones-require-a-weekly-reboot/71721 - phones would just start behaving like they had a process running away, consuming 100% of their CPU time. It only affected the s500 & s705 phones, which were both running the .72 firmware.

Seeing there was a fix in .78, I applied the latest revision - .82 as of this post. I immediately began receiving complaints of poor call quality. People sounded tinny, the first few seconds of the call were extremely quiet, customers saying they can’t hear us, etc.

I am about to go up and revert these phones to .79 or .78 to hopefully resolve the issues, but wanted to report it. Worst case, I’ll put .72 back on & they can live with rebooting their phones when it happens…

Is anyone else experiencing problems like this with .82 ? Is there a known easy way to trigger a reboot of the phone from the server command line? (My thought is to write something to interface with the phone’s GUI, but am hoping there’s a tool already available. If I could schedule the phones to reboot themselves say 2 hours before people get here, it should eliminate the issue with .72…)

(Ruler2112) #2

Firmware version .78 also had ‘crackling’ audio & no audio at the beginning of calls for 1-3 seconds. I put .72 back on & call quality is again good.

Now to see if I can find a way to trigger a reboot of the s500 phones in an unattended way to eliminate the other issue…

(Malcolm Davenport) #3

There were audio related changes made in both .73 and .75. Did either one of those introduce it for you, and not specifically .78 or .82?

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

Hi @RealRuler2112

I recommend you open a phone hardware support ticket for this so the findings can be escalated properly