Please select a Provisioning Server Protocol in the template

I just completed the upgrade of the framework from to 15.0.20 and went to EPM to refresh the mappings. For each template I got the message “Please select a Provisioning Server Protocol in the template” which I have not seen before this point.

The provisioning protocols are set in SA => Provisioning Protocols and both local and VPN phones are working so not quite sure why this message is being displayed??

Something else I should check??


Check the EPM templates, it looks like they were created without a provisioning protocol, or the selected protocol has been disabled since they were created.

Thanks for the quick response.

I have looked at the templates and they are are set correctly (i.e. have the protocol set). This is one that is being reported (popup message when refreshing accounts in EPM).

I’m not seeing any issues. Best to open a support ticket if you can’t resolve it. If using the free version of EPM you can open a Phone ticket, otherwise a commercial module support ticket:

I have another instance I have hosted outside my network and I am planning to update later tonight. Once I do that and test I can follow up on this potential issue. Right now I don’t see an configuration issue either and I normally refresh the EPM accounts once or twice a week, but after updating the “framework” I started getting these new messages.

I will update this post once I do the other update, one way or another.

My other instance isn’t showing this issue. One thing I did notice is the wording here:

Please select a Provisioning Server Protocol in the template [ ‘sangoma_ext_vpn_fi’ ].

What is this referring to? there isn’t a specific label “Provisioning Server Protocol” in the template.

Just thought I would post an update as I mentioned above. The bottom line is that I can not recreate the issue on the hosted system and not clear what the heck the message “Please select a Provisioning Server Protocol in the template” is referring to since the param doesn’t appear in the template file. Just so we are clear, the template file mentioned in the message is the EPM endpoint template.

I have not seen anyone else mention this issue, so I am assuming I am alone on this one, again! If anyone does have any ideas, I would appreciate your input. At the moment VPN phones will no longer register, but local phones appear to be working fine.


You have access to support either thru a paid epm license or as an owner of a Sangoma phone, depending on what your situation is.

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