Please fix Wakeup Calls module

For some reason, I cannot get access to the bug reporting portal for FreePBX.
In /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin is the file “wakeup” that controls Wake-up calls.

PLEASE fix this module - See below:

Line says: if(empty($number) || strlen($number) < $config[‘extensionlength’]) {
Should be: if(empty($number) || strlen($number) > $config[‘extensionlength’]) {

Notice the < is actually supposed to be a >

Thanks FreePBX!

Please file a ticket at


I would love to, but for some reason, every time I try to register for an account or log in, it doesn’t let me.

The login is the same as you use to login here

I see 7 failures so you have the username right… the password again is the same as you use to login to the forums.

Is that an error?

With your “fix”, if I’m using 4-digit extensions, I could set up a call to go to “day-night mode” or some other similar silliness. Also, your change invalidate the ability for me to send a wake-up call to my daughter’s cell phone (so she knows she’s just busted her curfew).

I’m not sure I like your suggested change.

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I was able to submit the ticket now, thanks TheJames!

Dave Burgess, the fix is simply correcting a problem with their code - in FreePBX, if you set the max digit length in the WakeUp calls module, then the module will not allow you to set an extension greater than the length.

With their original code however, it was the opposite: It wouldn’t accept any LESS than the Max digit length. How many digits you want to send depends on your setting. This code fix just makes it correct again.