Playing Voicemail causes incoming call


I am running FreePBX 12.7.5-1807-1.sng7 with Asterisk 16.0.0 hosted with Sangoma and Yealink phones. (Asterisk 15.5.0 also produces the same results below.)

I am having an issue with the Voicemail app on both the S500 and S705 phones where every time a message is played, it causes an incoming call for the phone. While playing the voicemail, the screen will show the incoming call information and freeze on the screen so that the buttons to control the voicemail functions are not accessible.

This problem occurs no matter if I am playing messages in the mailbox for the same extension as the phone or in another mailbox.

I have my test server and production server both running the same versions of software and can reproduce this problem on both. I have tested with 4 different Sangoma phones - 2 S500 and 2 S705, all with the same result.

I grabbed the log documentation for the process of playing a voicemail from mailbox 4001 on extension 4002 phone. I don’t see anything that stand out though.
[2018-11-28 22:30:45] VERBOSE[64613] dial.c: Called 4002
[2018-11-28 22:30:45] VERBOSE[38632] netsock2.c: Using SIP RTP Audio TOS bits 184
[2018-11-28 22:30:45] VERBOSE[38632] netsock2.c: Using SIP RTP Audio TOS bits 184 in TCLASS field.
[2018-11-28 22:30:45] VERBOSE[38632] netsock2.c: Using SIP RTP Audio CoS mark 5
[2018-11-28 22:30:45] VERBOSE[64613] dial.c: PJSIP/4002-00004106 is ringing
[2018-11-28 22:30:45] VERBOSE[64613] dial.c: PJSIP/4002-00004106 is ringing
[2018-11-28 22:30:46] VERBOSE[64613] dial.c: PJSIP/4002-00004106 answered
[2018-11-28 22:30:46] VERBOSE[64613] file.c: <PJSIP/4002-00004106> Playing ‘/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/4001/Old/msg0000.slin’ (language ‘en’)
[2018-11-28 22:31:03] VERBOSE[64107] loader.c: Reloading module ‘’ (Comedian Mail (Voicemail System))

If anyone has suggestions on how to fix or where to look to troubleshoot farther I would be very interested!


If I understand correctly, your issue is while playing a Voicemail using PhoneApps. Correct?

If that’s true, then, I don’t think this is a Asterisk issue. It’s most likely an issue with the phone.

Are your phones on the latest firmware? Is your PBX up to date?

Yes, you are correct. The issue is while using the phone app on an S500 or S705 to play a voicemail.

I just checked again to make sure of no updates. PBX is up to date and phones are also running latest firmware 1.51:
S500 -
S705 -
Also have expansions on them that are also running the latest -

Thanks for the suggestion!

Support is free for PhoneApps and Sangoma Phones. Open a support ticket

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