PJSIP Qualify Issue

When using pjsip for a sip trunk I am having a issue with a pjsip trunk constantly showing offline due to the provider filtering on the “From” header in the options packets. All option packets are getting dropped in this case. Registration, incoming and outgoing calls work fine as long is not set to failover to another trunk, just the trunk constantly shows offline. A packet capture reveals the pjsip options packets always has:
From: <asterisk@[IP Address of transport]>
which is an internal IP address. The Contact header always has
Contact: <sip:asterisk@[external IP:port]>
which also appears to not be generated from the pjsip conf’s. If I setup the trunk using chan_SIP the From header is:
From: <sip:[username]@[provider's Domain]>
and the Contact header shows
Contact: <sip:s@[sip:external IP:port]>
and I get 200 OK responses. Nothing in the pjsip conf’s appear to be used to generate the value for the From or Contact header in the options packets, is there a was to set this value or disable qualify for PJSIP trunks to sort of mimic qualify=no behavior in chan_sip? Changing the qualify frequency to blank or 0 always reverts back to the default value.

Removing the qualify_frequency line for the trunk in pjsip.aor.conf disables sending option packets, but the trunk will always show offline and the config will be overwritten on reload. Of course this was just a test and would certainly cause nat timeout issues.

FPBX: 10.13.66-7
Asterisk: 13.7.0