PJSIP: finally video, thanks! But how to make it work (pjsip.endpoint.conf)?

First of all, thanks for enabling video for PJSIP in the FreePBX SIP settings, after all those years. I’m really happy to see the progress!
But currently it’s still not working here (without specifying video codecs per extension). After enabling the video support and video codecs in the General SIP settings, there are still no video codecs added in pjsip.endpoint.conf, although I tried to re-save extensions. Still only the audio codecs are added. Am I doing something wrong?

FreePBX (non-distro, standalone on Debian Stretch x86_64), Core module 14.0.5, Asterisk SIP Settings module 14.0.26, Asterisk 15.2.0.

I suggest you open a bug report for any issues you find. cc: @danardf

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