Pihole overwrote freePBX web gui


I am running pi-hole and freePBX on the same server. It looks like the pi-hole decided to overwrite the freepbx webgui directory during the install. I can’t change the pi-hole port because it needs port 80 to display the blocked page message. How do I recover the freepbx admin directory or change the port to something else?

TLDR: /var/www/html/admin is now taken over by pi-hole :frowning:

Restore from backup or reinstall. Because you broke it.

`/var/www/html/admin is not a linked directory or anything that you just put back. There were files there that no longer exist now with no way to get them back.

To quote the Bard “Thou art truly boned.”

FreePBX and Pihole should be run on entirely different machines


Because Pihole assumes complete control over the system (as it should). In fact it runs lighttpd if it can, not nginx and not apache.

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I learned that the hard way. All restored now!

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