Php post calls infos

Hi all,

Is it possible with FreePBX to execute a post with php?
I wan’t to send all cdr infos from my calls to another server like Twilio do.

How can i achieve this?

Like how anyone else would. You can either use the Remote CDR options in Advanced Settings or you can write a script that digs into the CDR database and push that data to where ever you’d like.

I wan’t my server to send in real time data, each time call is made.

Remote CDR options allow to send this continually?

The paid CRM module has an API and webhooks that can do this:

The Remote CDR settings allow you to set what database, table, etc. the CDRs are written to. You could also setup an ODBC connection to write to the remote CDR as well. I do that with a customer use TDS so they can have CDRs written to a Windows server.

This module allow me to communicate records and every calls information to my other php server ?

Otherwise, is it possible to configure a node js to do the job?

If you want to write a NodeJS method for doing this, then do it. You have been given multiple options on how this can be done. Remote CDRs, ODBC and the paid CRM. Anything else becomes a DIY project.

Also for the CDRs they could care less about the other server being a PHP server. It cares that there is a database engine on the other side. So this is more about your MySQL server vs the fact that PHP is installed on it.

Perhaps this is pertinent:-

I just burn my free trial for the CRM module, how can i install it know? i have the order details and everything.
Thanks !

That doesn’t help me like it should i think.
I’m updating activations and there no modules added

This modules is for freepbx 13 only or i can add it on freepbx 14?

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