PHP Component Zend Guard Loader is required but missing from you PHP installation

This is starting to drive me bonkers.
As the server is remotely located, approx 250km away (150 miles) I’m having to do a manual installation.
Went to add Sys Admin module and came unstuck.
Have googled and got several results but none overcome the problem, so now reaching out for help.
OpSys = Ubuntu 18.4
PHP = 5.6
FreePBX =
Asterisk = 13.18.3

How do I install and run Zend Guard

You can only install commercial modules on distro, and zend guard is related to commercial modules.

Are you suggesting that I could extract Zend Guard from a Distro and then SFTP that to the server

No. You can’t run commercial modules on ubtunu.

You can’t run commercial modules in anything except freepbx distro, so there is no use in trying to copy zend from any source.

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FreePBX runs perfectly without sysadmin. You just need to do whatever you need the open source way.

What exactly do you think you need sysadmin for?

I guess that’s a perfectly good question, to which the only answer I can give is “Because it is there”
So conclusion is. Stop wasting time trying to get it working and get on with getting installing the phones.

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The old system I am replacing, FreePBX, is running on Ubuntu and that has SysAdmin loaded. Granted it was loaded from a distro which isn’t possible for this load.

Thinking about this overnight, I get the impression that FreePBX is looking for something to be running, or for a file or directory that is missing or needs a sys link, or even a permissions problem with a file or directory.
I guess it’s more now of a question of why it wont work more than one of excepting that it just doesn’t.

That is not possible. Sysadmin module in FreePBX requires certain RPMs to be installed and that can’t happen on Ubuntu. I think you are confused here. Even if somehow you got it installed it would not function and you could never run other commecial modules. Secondly we only support commercial modules on our official Distro which of course is not Ubunto based.

Now I remember why I needed SysAdmin.
The utility that will transfer files between systems requires it.
SO I guess I have to resort to doing it manually, unless somebody knows a simply way of getting around this roadblock.

Now the whole system has thrown a tantrum. When I go to the web portal I get:

0 System Admin 14.0.26 Copyright 2018 by Sangoma Technologies Inc., All rights reserved By installing, copying, downloading, distributing, inspecting or using the materials provided herewith, you agree to all of the terms of use as outlined in our End User Agreement which can be found and reviewed at

And no way to get past it.
What needs to be done to get the site up and running again.

You need to remove sysadmin and any and all commercial modules from your system. We’ve told you it’s not supported and you’ve just said you are going to do it manually. Which we also don’t support.

Three people told you that you can’t do it. You basically ignored all this advice and did it anyways.