Phones stop ringing in ringgroups

i have two installations having this issue: A group of belong to the same ring group. When the ring group is called all but 1 or 2 phones stop ringing after about 10 seconds, the the remaining members of the ringgroup continue to ring until the timeout value is reached It is consistent and always affects the same phone(extension). I have tried deleteing and recreating the extension, no differnce. I have tried deleting and recreating the ring group same results. In case it matters, phones are Grandstream GXP2140’s.

I would look at your Grandstream provisioning, There is nothing in the Asterisk or FreePBX code that arbitrarily removes the ‘invites’ in a ringgroup.

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Moved from ring groups to queues, and the issue went away. i have seen this several more times and nothing in the logs give a clue as to why it is happening.

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