Phones remain "in use" when they transfer a call

I’ve recently come across and issue that I hope can be resolved quickly.

A FreePBX system running version with 24 extensions all Polycom phones IP330’s and one IP601.

There is a main queue in which 4 extensions are static agents.

When one of the agents gets a call and the transfers the call to another extension, that agent can no longer receive incoming calls from the queue until the call they transferred is completed and hung up.

While looking at the CLI during such an event, I noticed that the agent who transfers the call keeps the status of “in use” until that call they transferred is hung up.

Any idea on why it is behaving like this?


I should also note that the reason we have the phones in the queue set to “in use” statues is because we were having issues with calls from the queue ringing through to agents while they were still on the phone.

disable call waiting for those extensions and then you don’t have the “we were having issues with calls from the queue ringing through to agents while they were still on the phone”

How do you disable call waiting. “*71”???

I tried that and the calls where still coming to the phones…

this is where I read about the ringinuse=on trick:

We have polycom phones.

Well I created a queue from scratch without the ringinuse=no in queues_post_custom.conf and I disable call waiting and I still have the problem:

When the queue agent transfer a call to another internal extension, this agent will not receive another call until that call is terminated, even though the call is not in this agent’s phone anymore.

Call waiting is a setting in the extension setup.

CW is disabled, and now the phone is not ringing for second calls…

But my real problem is the fact that the agents stay on “in use” when they transfer one of those incoming calls to an internal extension, until that call is disconnected.


You do realize that I initially responded to smitty589, and you’ve basically taken over (hijacked?) his thread when he has yet to respond to the post yet.

when you jumped on this thread you’ve taken it in a different direction.

Part of the initial complaint was about getting a second call while on a primary call. The fix for that is simple and it is to disable call waiting. that way the system knows when the phone is busy (not in use) and will not take a second call and allow it to ring while they are handing the first call.

How about you start a different thread. Provide all the setup details including versions as for all we know you are using a different version of asterisk, freepbx, etc.


I am very sorry, now, I realize the hijack! Smitty589 and I are working in this problem. He is my partner in this project!

The problem started when we open two threads at the same time. I am going to tell him to relpy just so you are sure that I am telling you the truth.

In his “EDIT” note, he mention that we made some changes for the “not in use” issue, but he didn’t provided the thread with the info of where did we get that info from… so I included the URL of it.

Again, sorry to confuse you.

ok that does help, knowing that you are both using the same setup.

When we help we don’t know you from another person or any possible relationship between people without it being said. So we try and be careful to not fix one while steering another person wrong…

Have you checked that you have reasonably current phone firmware? It might be that the phone is not informing the server that the call was handed off properly (shot in the dark thought).

We are using the latest 3.1.2 Polycom FW.

I appreciate your help!

(at least it was the latest a 2 weeks ago)

Just some input: We use Polycom 501, and yes when we use the “Transfer” button on the phone, the FOP will show the extension still in use. I do not know if there is some difference using the *-feature-code method. e.g. Does Asterisk know about the transfer if the Polycom phone does it by whatever SIP commands versus the FreePBX-configured feature-code?

We have the same problem. Our phone stays active when transferring with with the “##” tone or the soft key on our Polycom phone. {The phone making transfer remains active until call in completed then both phones are transition to inactive when call is finally completed.}

This would leave me to believe it is NOT a Polycom firmware issue (since the ## tone does not free up the phone.)

I have not seen any recent updated… was a solution found to this problem?

I am also having the same problem. This is not limited to Polycom phones. This happens with Polycom 450, 550, 601, and 301 phones. It Also happens with Aastra 480i, 55i, 57i, as well as Grandstream GXP-2000 phones.

I am using the custom post ringinuse=no so that agents only receive 1 call from the queue at a time.

Has anybody found a solution to this problem?

I am running FreePBX with queue module: on Asterisk

The consensus from the people I have talked with in #asterisk and #freepbx is that this is a bug. I find it hard to believe such a mature project as Asterisk could have a bug like this. Could this be a feature?