Phones keep changing network settings to DHCP

Try setting it to the same times but use Saturday. See if that makes it Sunday

I already tried Monday and Tuesday with same settings…which worked :wink:

Did you try what I said?

I am currently away from my beloved freePBX system, but I will do what you suggested…later in the evening :wink:

So, I tried what you said…no luck. Saturday 2:00am works ok.
I opened a separate thread

Why would you hijacked someones thread about something not related. Please stop.

Because I wanted to provide some examples, to show that there are a few bugs in the endpoint manager (Sangoma phones)…and it could be possible that the DHCP-phenomenon is another one…

It’s software so it will always have bugs. But bringing up something that has nothing to do with the post is not very polite so please stop it. Also bugs in EPM have nothing to do with bugs in a phone. EPM just writes out configs for the phone.