Phonebook Directory

What do you guys use for a internal directory? I want something to where users can scroll through on their phone, or possibly the UCP. The only directory module I see is a voice directory, and I don’t want that. Any thoughts on what you guys do would be helpful. We are on the latest freepbx and use yealink t46s phones.


Contact Manager. Can be used in UCP and PhoneApps

Phone Apps is supported on the T46s, but note that while browsing contacts is possible, there may be issues with dialing form contact list:

can you explain further on how this works and how to set up?

Contact Manager
PhoneApps Contacts Video:

I have a script that creates an XML directory from the SQL database. This script is then configured on the phone so you get a scrolling directory on the phone. When you add, delete or modify extensions, you need to re-run the script. Just let me know if you would be interested.


We use Yealink T46G’s. I barely use the directory, per se, and instead “dial by name”. It works very well, and I don’t have to remember the users’ extensions. :slight_smile:

I also have a little php script which will create the XML phonebook for Yealink phones that is pretty handy.

I think to make the dial by name work, I had to set up super_search.xml as well as Phonebook.xml

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