Phonebook Directories signaled as tampered


I have recently modified the 4 phone directory .sln audio files to replace them with custom, locally recorded and converted ones, as part of the process of making the whole IVR and Voicemail systems sound French.

Language packs did a nice job of converting almost everything to French, but these 4 files were spared, because they are not located in the usual language subfolders of /var/lib/asterisk/sounds (/var/lib/asterisk/sound/en or /var/lib/asterisk/sound/fr, for example) but rather directly in /var/lib/asterisk/sound, and the language packs I came across all failed to replace those.

Since then, FreePBX flags the Phonebook Directories module as being tampered, pointing to these 4 files as culprits, and asks me to redownload the module, which seems pointless to me, as I will still have to replace the sound files.

Is there any way to make FreePBX think these files are safe? Or perhaps there is a more correct method of replacing these audio files?

Thank you.

I can’t for the life of me find this module you are talking about nor the files. Perhaps you can state the full path here. Or the actual file names. Right now I am playing a guessing game

I figured it out “Phonebook Directories” is actually “Phonebook Directory” and “/var/lib/asterisk/sound” is actually “/var/lib/asterisk/sounds”

Phonebook Directory should now have the right prompts for spanish and english in the right folders so that you can add your own.

I’m sorry for the mistyping. I should have been more precise.

I was given a .zip file containing the Sound Languages module when I inquired about changing languages on FreePBX 12 on the IRC channel. I lost the path to the .zip, but I found these files contained in the .zip:

The audio files I changed are not located in the usual language folders.
Here is the full path to them:


While the rest of the sound languages are located in


Also, I am unsure how I can interact with the Phone Directory module. I can activate/deactivate it in the module admin panel, but I can’t find it anywhere else.

Please update the module. I have already fixed this

I must have done something wrong.

I updated the Phonebook Directory module to as you suggested.

Afterwards, I noticed there were “extra-sounds” language packs I omitted to download. So I got them for all codecs and installed them.

Now, whenever I try to access the Phonebook using my phone, I get a looping french message that says: “Aucune entrée ne correspond à votre sélection”, which roughly translates to “No entry matches your selection”. It just goes on and on and on.

Also, the .sln files have somehow become corrupted in the process. I can see the files on the server, but I cannot interract with them, as they are somehow considered gone.

I am tempted to re-convert my .wav files to replace the corrupt .sln, but I suspect this is not the right way to go.
Any thoughts?

You need to get rid of the sound files you added in the main directory:


I just deleted all four of them. The problem persists. I tried rebooting and reinstalling the Phonebook Directory module, without success. The message still loops.

You should probably file a bug:

I will do that. Thank you for your help.