PhoneApps Yealink 46U

PhoneApps and EPM commercial license.
What is the reason for Yealink 46U to not have an option to use XML-API? Anyone know?

The phone is not listed as a supported Phone App’s phone

right, but what is the actual difference between 46S, 46G and 46U?

Not much. T46G is EOL, T46U is the newer version of the T46S. Configs are largely the same.

thanks, saying that I see no reason why 46U do not have an option for XML-API from EPM

File a feature request - How to open a Feature Request - Support Services - Documentation

Sangoma silently removed the ability to configure XML-API for Yealink ‘T5’ handsets in EPM v15.0.39.39 about a year ago (citing them not being supported, even though they ‘mostly’ worked fine in my experience), maybe they removed this ability for the models your referring to also - Here is a post I made at the time when the change happened (

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