PhoneApps Commercial Module vs DPMM

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As PhoneApps commercial module also requires phone to be provisionning via https protocol… thinking of dpma which comes with a built-in PhoneApps . My question is what is the difference or advantage of choosing PhoneApps cm module since both (phoneApps cm and phoneApps in DPMA) are require to use https ?
Happy if someone can give me a sight on this .

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Today there is no advantage to using Digium Phones module with FreePBX, it’s deprecated and not supported in current versions.

If you are setting up Sangoma (Digium) D or P phones , you want Endpoint Manager.

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Not at all , iam using Sangoma P series phones… i am just reviewing all the features that come up with PhoneApps CM and i can see it’s still require to access the freepbx gui via https that have some requirements itself …
Anyway , i am builting a complete call center actually some will be needed .

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The commercial End Point Manager module, available separately, is required to use the FreePBX Phone Apps. The Phone Apps module needs to receive data from End Point Manager in order for most applications to work correctly.

@lgaetz I remember Endpoint Manager is free for Sangoma D&P series phone , the question is with that being said, do i still need to go with PhoneApps commercial module in order to take advantage of all its features ?
Any sight on this would much appreciated .

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For Sangoma D , P and S phones, all EPM and Phone Apps features are free.

Awesome ,
are you telling me that all of this are free ?


  • Follow MeThe Follow Me Phone app allows users to enable or disable Follow Me and change their Follow Me numbers, ring time, and call confirmation, as well as provide visual notifications when Follow Me is enabled.
  • ParkingThe Parking app lets users see parked calls directly from their phone display. It will work with both the standard Parking Module and the enhanced Park Pro Module. Users can visually see parked calls, pick up any parked call, and park calls with the same application, depending on phone support.
  • Do Not DisturbThe Do Not Disturb (DND) app allows users to toggle their current state of DND between enabled and disabled. On supported devices, it will change the BLF notification light for a mapped button or provide an onscreen notification.
  • Conference RoomsThe Conference Rooms app lets users see all their conference rooms and view the callers in each conference room. You can then mute or kick any caller from a conference room or dial into a conference room.
  • Call ForwardThe Call Forward app allows users to easily enable call forwarding and easily store numbers for Home, Cell, and Office.
  • Call Flow ControlThe Call Flow app allows users to see the current state of any Call Flows they have setup on their PBX with the option to toggle any of them between “Normal” or “Override” mode.
  • PresenceThe Presence app allows users set their current status and control how calls are handled when set. Status options, such as “Away “or “At Lunch,” are controlled by the Presence State Module in your PBX GUI.
  • QueuesThe Queues Application gives admins an at-a-glance view of all the current states of agents and callers of any queue.
  • Queue AgentsThe Queues Agents app allows agents to log in and log out of any queue they are setup to be a dynamic member of in the Queues Application of your PBX GUI. In addition, they can pause or unpause themselves at any time while logged into any queue.
  • Time ConditionsThe Time Conditions Module app allows users to override the automated schedule of a time condition to force it into “match” or “unmatched” mode either temporarily or permanently.
  • Transfer to VoicemailThe Transfer to Voicemail app allows users to easily transfer calls to their voicemail.
  • Visual VoicemailThe Visual Voicemail app allows users to quickly see voicemails and choose what messages to listen to first.
  • Login and LogoutThe Login and Logout app allows system admins to log a user out of a phone and pick a new user to log into the device. Anytime a user is logged out or logged in, the EndPoint Manager extension mapping will be updated with the new information.
  • ContactsThe Contacts app allows users to see all the groups of users that have been created in the Contacts Manager module. They can search for users or view groups to find and call users easily.

Confirmed, there is no cost for using Phone Apps on Sangoma P/D/S series phones.

Not all Apps are supported on all devices. We are still working on the Queues and Time Conditions apps for the P series.

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