DPMA *vs* EPM or DPMA *in* EPM?

I’ve got a bunch of Digium D40, D60, and D70 phones, and I have them registering to FreePBX, but I am still confused. In an answer from 2022 I read:

However, this answer from a week ago seems to imply you use Endpoint Manager without DPMA enabled now. Is that a new change, or am I just misunderstanding something?

(Sorry, I would have asked over on that question, but it just got closed an hour ago after 7 days of inactivity.)

Thanks for your patience with a newby.

Hi Joseph

EPM supports provisioning D6X and P phones with DPMA.

The other D phones are provisioned in EPM without DPMA.

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Aha! Thanks for the clarification.

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