Phone recommendations

So many phones, so many brands, so many models.

Looking to deploy phones in a small law firm… with FreePBX of course!

About 10 users… 3 lawyers, 6 staff, one receptionist.

I would like recommendations for good phones (brand and models)

1 type for standard staff

1 type that’s a little higher end for the lawyers

1 type for the reception

Criteria : good bang for the buck, high compatibility with FreePBX.

Nice to have : easily works with OSS Endpoint Manager


No one has any recommendation :’( ?

I would say stick with the Mitel 686X series. They work awesome and priced reasonable.

Also the Digium D50 and D70 are great.

The Digium phones integrate very well. But i know the Cisco SPA504 or 514 are very good also. Good solid phone and easy to configure.

I’ve been hearing a lot about the GRANDSTREAMS for the price VS value…

Any experience with those ?

I have about 200 Yealink T46G in the field. They are a great phone for the price.

Also, about 20 Cisco SPA504G

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Any recommendation for a RECEPTION phone ?

Will second the Yealink / Cisco spa vote. Both very solid. Love the Yealink, but some customers love the Cisco name recognition.

Be careful with the Ciscos as they are putting no resources into the Small Business line of phones anymore and all the insiders are saying they will be EOL soon.

We use Grandstreams at the firehouse I volunteer at.

We use the GXP2160 in the offices since multiple people share the offices, the 6 BLF keys allow multiple people to use the phone, while still having intercom and call park keys.

We use the GXP2130 in the general areas. We use the 3 BLF keys 1 for outgoing calls, 1 for intercom, and 1 for Call Pickup (since someone may pick up a call in another part of the firehouse and need to transfer)

Both have worked well, support PoE, and are easily configurable via the web. I haven’t explored using FreePBX to auto-config though.

we are really big fans of Yealink - the newer t4x series are really quite good. they are easily configured. add a side car and you have a great reception phone - she/he can have buttons for everyone in the office so she/he can see at a glance if the person is on the phone and can easily dial/transfer to that person. yealinks like most phones have a headset port and offer a handsfree wireless headset adaptor

i would use T42’s for the standard staff, T46’s for the lawyers and receptionist. get the receptionist a sidecar and wireless headset and the Electronic Switchhook from yealink. set up the headset so a call can be answered simply by pressing the button on the headset. put blf buttons on the sidecar for everyone in the office and add a couple of blf’s for the parking lot. program a “park” button for the receptionist. put blf buttons for the parking lot slots (2 or 3 will do) and a park button on all the other phones.

Ditto. Yealink phones are great.

I have been working with Grandstream 2130’s and 2170’s. I like the phones quite a bit and they are priced well. But I will say that the integration with commercial EPM is not what I was hoping for. I would still recommend the Granstream however.

We have standardized on Grandstream GXP2160, deploying hundreds and hundreds. Amazing price … amazing feature set. Works flawlessly (now with recent firmware revision).

I like the Sangoma phones. Especially the S700 cant wait for the S705. Love the polycoms but very limited in freepbx

I have to say I like the Grandstreams as well. I do have Digium D40 and D50, they are nice phones too.

2 years later, still not end of life, and those Cisco phones are everywhere.

I am using the Digium D70’s and they seem to work great.

I’ve tested the Grandstream GXP 2170, and it’s a nice phone - but no FreePBX Phone Apps. frankb- I’m guessing with your many 2160 phones, you just don’t need / use the Phone Apps ?

@kdhismgr no I can’t really say I am a fan. I wasn’t even when Aastra created those first set for their phones. What do you use them for?