Phone recommendations

Lots of things. Hot desking is seamless. If you haven’t browsed a parking lot or voicemail visually using the display on you phone you don’t know what you’re missing. Scroll through waiting queue callers or parked calls and grab the one you want. Easily toggle call forwarding, DND, Follow-Me.

Hi @lgaetz Lorne it’s been a while. Yes I have implemented this for many customers over the years but I like physical buttons for parking, I send all customers voicemails to their email … works amazing for visual voicemail, queue callers don’t update in realtime which I think is a huge drawback, I use isymphony for realtime queue info, and for the others the gxp2160 has most built right in … call forwarding DND etc. The GXP2160 has 30 programmable buttons standard all for about $100

Just one mans humble opinion. Please don’t take it wrong, I think everyone on here knows how much of a FreePBX / sangoma fan that I truly am.

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From price stand point the gxp21xx from grandstream has the most value per buck. Well priced, many features, relative good after sales support through their helpdesk portal. Some minor glitches in firmware might exist, the materials feel kinda fake but overall good phones.

I really like yealink, relative cheap, good firmware support, very easy to configure, extremely good and fast to handle many calls at the same time. Their after sales support is lacking due to language barrier, extremely slow to fixing firmware issues and plain stupid sometimes eg. they have released t29 the successor of t28 with the holes for the exp39 module to wrong place so you couldn’t even mount it. I think they have lost their market focus releasing many phones that overlap in features and also changed their attitude from a company that listens to their customers to a big big corporate with their nose up to the sky.

Finally from build quality, I really like Polycom, rich sound, good firmware, very good materials and build quality, many configuration options that might help in some weird and rare cases. Extremelyyyyyyyy unfriendly for a new administrator/user. If one file is missing from the provisioning template and the phone might start bootlooping. If you know what you are doing fixable but not for newbies. Firmware support is very good, after sales not that much, forum based. If you buy their premier package then you are good.

I’ve used GXP21xx phones in my firehouse for 3 years now. They are solid, yet to have one break, and not all of them are installed in offices.

The price point is great. The only issue is ringtones. I’ve never been able to make decent ring tones for the phones using the Grandstream tools.

I second the Yealink T46G’s.
As for reception… a Yealink T46G supports up to 3 side cars.

Ooops… well, I’m going to assume that a year later, this person has made a decision.

I need to start paying more attention to the dates on these threads.