Phone Not Registering, Cisco 6941

Hello, Im hoping there is someone out there that could really help me solve this.
Ive been trying for over a week now.

i have a cisco 6941 desk phone, well 2 of them they have sip on them well thats what the phone info says on the phone.

i have a windows 7 machine hi spec with oracle VM ware on it running server 2012 and pbxiaf. I have setup a serepate xp server that runs tftpd 32 and that box is also a media streaming server.

I have 2 files the default.cnf.xml file and the sepxxxx.cnf.xml file on the tftp server along with the flash firmware files etc.

The pbxiaf server sees the other server ok and also i can ping the phone from both servers and access the pbxiaf web access from any pc in the office.

I can ping the cisco phones from any pc in the office including the 2 servers.

The tftp server picks up the requests for the files from the cisco phones and procceses them but the phone just continues to say phone not registered. I am hoping i have setup the phones corectly in pbxiaf.

please could anyone help me resolve this and help makesure i have the right scripts in place.

Many thanks