Phone Config file move - FTP to TFTP

Hey all,

I want to change from FTP to local TFTP because the current FTP server will be getting decommissioned. What I have right now is a VM which was P2V’d from an older PBX and then upgraded (which is not in production). My old freepbx(currently running) is using FTP for the phone reg. The upgraded server has the OSS PBX End Point manager installed where as the old server didn’t. So not sure how to update my extensions and change to tftp.

So my question is… can I move my existing phone config files located on my FTP server directly into my local tftpboot directory?Then just change my option 66 on my dhcp? I have the "OSS PBX End Point Manager2.11.12 Enabled " Which I was not using before. Will the extensions auto update with the MAC addresses?

Any ideas on how to make this a smooth switch to the upgraded server?


Sounds like what I’d try first.

It “should” be as simple as that.