Phone accepts external incoming call but doesn't ring

One of the phones on our Freepbx (2.12) system rings and accepts calls from an internal number fine. However if they are called directly from an external number the phone accepts the call but it doesn’t ring. The phone is a Cisco 303. I have checked settings in Freepbx and on the phone but can’t see a setting that would affect this. All the other phones on the system ring both for incoming internal and external calls.

Is there a specific setting I need to check?

I have several Cisco SPA phones also. If you are still having this problem, if you can post the xml config for a working phone and then also post the xml config for the non ringing phone, i can check it out

To get the xml config try going to


Right click, view source then copy that, paste into the forum, highlight it and click the code button “</>”

Also describe the settings for your inbound route. Is the DID listed for inbound route and then the “set destination” setting goes to the extension?