Phantom calls from 100 and such

Hi everyone,

For a couple of days I have been getting calls at all hours from numbers such as 100 or 150. I try to answer but there is no audio (they might be listening, but not transmitting). These calls don’t show up in my CDR report, only on my Polycom phone logs, which are configured as extensions of my FreePBX. I have attached a photo of the phone’s log.

There are no records of this in my logs either. Well, nothing I could find. Has anyone had this kind of problem? I had to turn off the phones because it wakes me up at 3 am and such.

Any help appreciated.

FreePBX 12.0.76
Asterisk Ver. 11.18.0

Thank you

I’m assuming that your PBX is remote from your Polycom. Your polycom’s have been set to use local port of 5060 thus prompting your firewall to open up port 5060 as well opening yourself up to sip scanners. You need to randomize the polycom’s local ports and when I say that I do not mean the remote port (which would need to be 5060) I mean the LOCAL port.

Thanks for the reply Andrew. Yes, I failed to include that detail, The Polycom is remote, in my home office connected to the FreePBX at work.

You mean this port?

Just put any random number here and I might be free of these scanners?

That is exactly the port you want to change. It can be anything really. Just go with a very high number maybe 65001

Done! Now let’s see if they leave me alone LOL

Thank you very much for your help. I’ll let you know if I get any more phantom calls.

Have a great evening.