Performance Issues/erratic behavor in KVM/Proxmox V3.x: Suggestions on this?

So I had put the most recent version (at the time) in a KVM virtual machine about four months ago,. I noticed right off the bat, the virtual machine was running a bit sluggish, but still okay.

Jump forward to about two weeks ago. The performance had gotten so bad, the telephones could even register to the system. Upon a little research, I came across this thread here in the forum.

While it is not the problem i am experiencing, I dd wonder if it could be related. I noticed the virtual machine was set to use IDE. So I rebuilt the virtual machine on another server which is running Proxmox 4.x, and set this one up to use SATA as the thread indicated.

The performance issue was now gone.

Then one week later, I am getting a complaint of “cannot receive calls” on one of the extensions. I was thinking it was a DND issue as when I called the extension, I hear the busy greeting which is normally indicative of DND being enabled. No DND was enabled on the telephone.

Checking the “pjsip show endpoints” I see that extension is showing “In Use.” I let this sit for another day, but by midday of the next one, all extensions had gone to “In Use.”

First thing I tried was to perform “fwconsole restart.” I see Asterisk was restarted, but the extensions still showed “In use” after the restart had completed.

I ended up rebooting the server in which all extensions went back to normal.

Now you know what troubles I have experienced, any suggestions on how to get a better performing machine?


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