KVM Installation Issues (filesystem errors)

I’m trying to install the latest stable FreePBX distro (SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1710-1.iso) as a virtual machine (KVM).

This is on a Proxmox 5.0 host system. I already have an older version of FreePBX working fine on an older Proxmox install elsewhere, so I know it can work.

After the installation completes without issue, the system halts on reboot as shown below in the first screenshot. The errors look disk / filesystem related. I’ve done the install twice now on different underlying disks, but same issue each time. I’m reasonably certain it’s not actually a disk related issue on the host system (all other VMs run fine).

The VM has 2 GB RAM, 32 GB of disk space and uses VirtIO for disk and network. It uses the standard kvm64 processor type.


First boot after install (it halts here and doesn’t respond to ALT+CTRL+Del

Second boot (after hard reset):

The corruption of in-memory data error might be a big clue on what to look at. Sounds like your filesystems are derped.

I managed to solve this by changing disk type to SATA instead of virtio. Looks like this version of FreePBX doesn’t like installing to virtio disks.

I have exactly the same thing installing on a XenServer VM machine. Installation went fine, had a running system all OK but after the first reboot - bam - the same issue as you described. Why though? :confused:

If I had to take an (educated) guess, the OS is having an issue with the emulated hard drive in both Vertio and Xen.

While Linux will run on a VM, it’s still kind of particular about how it accesses the hard drive, especially at install time (boot sectors, grub, whatever)

Fair enough… I’ve been having so many install issues ever since the SNG7 came out :confused: Good old FreePBX was installing on anything and everything. Now…it’s so picky… They should really release some kind of “Supported Hardware” list or something like that so people know what to get (or not to get). I even had issues installing it on VMware which is a platform used by Sangoma themselves (as far as I heard?). So I went back to Xen. Installed it fine and ran it for a while and then suddenly after the reboot just wouldn’t boot into it again, with symptoms same as the first post. Annoying thing is - I can’t install it on bare metal either cos it goes into emergency mode right after install, that’s why I went with the VM idea. I can install the VM host on it and create VMs and install Windows on it, but this one refuses to play ball. :grimacing:

Yes we have about 30+ instances of Sng7 in a vmware environment for development.

Andrew Nagy! You’re a legend around here! I am humbled to be in your presence. :blush:

Exactly my point, you guys are running SNG7 fine on VMware, I don’t know why it wouldn’t work on mine :confused: I tried loads of different modes with different versions of OS selected on the VM, different HDD config modes etc. Sometimes it would install, sometimes it wouldn’t, but every time I would end up in dracut emergency mode and had to start again. VMware host seems to be running fine on the machine itself but I guess there’s a possibility that the hardware itself isn’t playing well with it? It’s a little Intel NUC with an i5 cpu and 8GB RAM, which should be more than enough for PBXact :slight_smile:
Any advice, @tm1000 ?