PCI slots box for freepbx

Hay,I am new to freepbx.I have installed freepbx on a PC core i5,4GB Ram and having only one PCI slot.I want to know is there any box/applience/etc which has more than 2 PCI slots and i can connect it to freepbx by SIP trunk or any way so that i can put PCI cards in that box instead of putting them in my PC.i searched openvox but i am confused

you can check with http://www.sangoma.com/products/freepbx/#tabs_102553967255bc7be849e81-tab_3
it can support up to 2 slots. If you use SIP trunk, you do not need PCI slots. If using analog or E1 cards, you have to use the slot for two asterisk cards.

Perhaps also consider what your needs are. How many users, how many concurrent calls ?
Maybe SOHO or small business ? Or a large call centre ?
Depending upon your needs, FreePBX can handle reasonable volume of calls with ordinary craptastic hardwares.
IMHO, for small installation, i5 is likely serious overkill.
So grab yerself an old mobo with a few PCI slots, some ram, plug in your analog, POTS, E1/T1, ISDN, whatever card/s, install the FreePBX distro and enjoy.
Stir and sweeten to taste.
When you’re whelmed by how great it is, don’t forget to buy some commercial module/s and support the development team.