PBXACT Licence is not supported on FreePBX 15

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(City Well) #1

I have a clean install of FreePBX 15 and am receiving this during activation: “PBXACT Licence is not supported on FreePBX 15”

I have seen similar issues have happened in the past: /t/problem-with-activation/64389

How do I fix this now?

(Jared Busch) #2

You don’t.

(City Well) #3

I’m not trying to do anything with PBXACT. I just wanted the system activated so I can run system updated and use the System Admin Pro module.

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

PM sent.

(Jared Busch) #5
  1. Activate it as a new install.
  2. Buy SysAdmin Pro ($25).

Module updates do not require SysAdmin, let alone SysAdmin Pro.

(City Well) #6
  1. That’s what I was doing…
  2. It came free with my hosting provider.
  3. I’m aware. I didn’t say run module updates…

(Lorne Gaetz) #7

Issue resolved. The particular deployment type that @CityWell has is being mistaken for PBXact. A sysadmin update will resolve this at some future point.

(Mvogel4949) #8

Hi Lorne,

I’m seeing the same thing on a fresh FreePBX15 install. Any steps I should take? It appears to give the system a deployment id but hangs on the PBXact message

(Yois) #9

#MeToo Just bought a module and can’t install it due to this error

(Dave Burgess) #10

We’ve heard from Sangoma many times over the past few months that FreePBX 15 will soon be available for PBXACT. How about a status report?

(Nate) #11

Downgrade sysadmin, activate, then upgrade. The command to downgrade:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall sysadmin --tag

[no longer necessary to downgrade see this post - mod]

(VoIp Security) #12

it worked. Thank you

(Matthew Fredrickson) #13

Hey, usually I try not to comment about unreleased products, but since PBXAct 15 is a known entity, I figured it’d be ok to say that testing is in progress right now. I don’t want to get a definitive ETA at this point, but I don’t think it’s too far out.

(Lorne Gaetz) #14

For everyone not running PBXact who sees the error saying PBXact License is not supported, they can upgrade System Admin to the current stable version to resolve this issue:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall sysadmin

fwconsole ma list | grep sysadmin
| sysadmin             | 15.0.15    | Enabled  | Commercial  |

edit - and now PBXact is supported as well.

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