PBXACT Licence is not supported on FreePBX 15

I have a clean install of FreePBX 15 and am receiving this during activation: “PBXACT Licence is not supported on FreePBX 15”

I have seen similar issues have happened in the past: /t/problem-with-activation/64389

How do I fix this now?

You don’t.

I’m not trying to do anything with PBXACT. I just wanted the system activated so I can run system updated and use the System Admin Pro module.

PM sent.

  1. Activate it as a new install.
  2. Buy SysAdmin Pro ($25).

Module updates do not require SysAdmin, let alone SysAdmin Pro.

  1. That’s what I was doing…
  2. It came free with my hosting provider.
  3. I’m aware. I didn’t say run module updates…

Issue resolved. The particular deployment type that @CityWell has is being mistaken for PBXact. A sysadmin update will resolve this at some future point.

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Hi Lorne,

I’m seeing the same thing on a fresh FreePBX15 install. Any steps I should take? It appears to give the system a deployment id but hangs on the PBXact message

#MeToo Just bought a module and can’t install it due to this error

We’ve heard from Sangoma many times over the past few months that FreePBX 15 will soon be available for PBXACT. How about a status report?

Downgrade sysadmin, activate, then upgrade. The command to downgrade:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall sysadmin --tag

[no longer necessary to downgrade see this post - mod]

it worked. Thank you

Hey, usually I try not to comment about unreleased products, but since PBXAct 15 is a known entity, I figured it’d be ok to say that testing is in progress right now. I don’t want to get a definitive ETA at this point, but I don’t think it’s too far out.

For everyone not running PBXact who sees the error saying PBXact License is not supported, they can upgrade System Admin to the current stable version to resolve this issue:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall sysadmin

fwconsole ma list | grep sysadmin
| sysadmin             | 15.0.15    | Enabled  | Commercial  |

edit - and now PBXact is supported as well.


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