PBXact commercial modules


To the best of my knowledge the system admin pro, fax pro etc are already installed and activated in a PBXact system right ?

But i what i need to know is for how long ?

I mean after 1-2 years these modules would be still activated without a licence or i 've to purchase a separate licence for each year ?


Your PBXact license is good for 25 years, you would need to purchase an annual support plan to continue to get updates to the software, but your existing functionality is still enabled.


If i dont get the annual support what will i miss ?


Any software or updates to the system (no modules or OS updates etc.) plus any new features that are added in the base product would not be available as well. The support plans are super economical and typically include some configuration support credit with our staff as well if needed.


Do you 've alink to check the support plans ?

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