PBX user control panel

Our IT guy has recently quit leaving behind no passwords or access to our PBX user control panel. my question is, how do i access administratively our PBX-user control panel? and how do i know if im using FreePBX or PBXact? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Can You post a home page screenshot? You know the PBX ip?

You have de root password? If not -> Restart the server as boot as single user and then set the root password.

unable to post screenshot due to my “new user” status. But the html to our User Control Panel is: (redacted), if that helps any. Also any suggestions on changing my status from new user?

You are using the PBX in a Flash Distro, and I removed your PBX url, you really don’t want to put that out there.

if you have ssh access you can get the session string from the login page and use command


this will unlock the session and then just click login with no username and password.


or you can also use the amportal comand

amportal a m
use asterisk;
Select  * from ampusers;

Now see what the username is and update query below.

UPDATE ampusers SET password_sha1=SHA1('password') WHERE username='adminuser';
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