PBX Low on space? Apply config and reload fails

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11%20PM 34%20PM 19%20PM Hello! I recently lost power and my PBX has never been the same since, it is a VM if that matters. Once I finally got it back online, I cannot apply config at all, and it tells me to reload. (Screenshot) I then go to the CLI to try and reload and receive this message “Exception” Unable to trust FreePBX key. (See Screenshot.) To make things worse, I cannot access the backup and restore function. Please help me, I’m trying to get my small business back up and running, I really appreciate it. Thanks!


“No space left on device” Did you check to make sure the VM virtual drive (I’m assuming either hyperV or VMS?) has any space on it? on the command line do a: dh -f and post the results.

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If your backup tarballs are saved locally they are probably in


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Thank you both for the replies!

I was able to do a du -sh * and pull the size of my libraries. I did not see any backup-related! information. I am confused as to how my machine won’t activate, even though it was prior to me losing power. There is another screenshot displaying my VM has plenty of space.
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I need to see the results of df -h please

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Interesting, it says the disk is only 6.7GB02%20PM

I wonder if there is a way to adjust disk size in vbox?



but if you don’t have a lot of effort invested yet , I suggest you start over and don’t choose a ‘dynamic disk’ because expanding the LVM is another process that you will need to accomplish inside the VM and can be problematic.

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Hey there,

I’ve successfully changed the disk to a fixed setting, and am now working on expanding the LVM. I followed this guid, https://community.freepbx.org/t/free-pbx-ran-out-of-disk-space-how-to-extend-the-partition-and-file-system/56967 and I get an error saying that it cannot parse the command line. Here is an image showing the available LVM space, any ideas? image image


Try replacing the --extents argument with 100%FREE

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Hi Dicko,

When I run `lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/mapper/SangomaVG-root```

It says

“Couldn’t create temporary archive name.

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Do I need to clear asterisk logs to free up some space? If so how do I?


As I said it can be problematic :wink: , I would got to


download an image, then boot the machine from it, it takes care of all the ‘tricky bits’ for you.

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Here is what my GPART looks like, already did this earlier. image


then your PV is as big as it can be , you should be able to lvextend

If you found


then that’s about as good as it gets

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So what commands do I need to run?


I would start with the ones in the link I posted, it’s ‘as good as it gets’ :slight_smile:

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Thank you I think I might have done something wrong, I created the new partition with fdkisk and then rebooted to apply changes. Now it only boots into emergency mode.


Save your self time and effort as I said to . . . start over and don’t choose a ‘dynamic disk’ because expanding the LVM is another process that you will need to accomplish inside the VM and can be problematic. . . you can restore your last backup over current versions of FreePBX perhaps from a snapshot taken of the VM recently