Parking App Not Working Correctly

I have several Yealink T54S phones working with EPM configuring them as T46S phones, on some the Parking App works as expected, others when trying to park a call it dials ### instead of ##70# as it does on the ones working correctly.

On the phones where I cannot park calls the app still works properly for picking up parked calls, if I hit the button it will show if any calls are parked and what the parked calls are.

I’ve compared config files and the only differences are the extension and extension password, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Phone Apps module, I’ve completely deleted phones and their configs, factory reset the phones (both those that are working and those that aren’t), all phones have the same firmware and all modules are up to date.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to try?

I found the solution, here: XML-API Call Park Default Lot

All I needed to do was go to the Other tab on the extensions that weren’t working and hit submit, we use the default parking lot and that is what they were all set to but doing this fixed the problem.

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