Panasonic KX-TGP500 phones all sending handset 1 ID

Replacing some Yaelink WP52 DECT phones with the Panasonics, have them set up and working OK except when dialing extension to extension all show the handset 1 ID.

This same post in the Asterisk forum got a response suggesting that since the base station using the same IP for all the handsets, this could be the problem. The Yaelink phones are set up the same way, and this problem does not exist.

I can change handset 1’s display name in FreePBX and that change is ported to the phone, and the new name shows up when any phone dials another.

This is more of a nuisance than anything else, as there are only two users (wife and me) on this home system, but I do like things to work properly. Is this a Panasonic issue, as it seems? Anyone else have the same problem. Intercom calls within the 5 handsets display the handset name, only extension to extension calls are wrong.


Thanks to one of the Asterisk user board, I have the answer. All the handsets were configured with account 1 (extension 200) as the default to dial out. I changed each of them to default to the account associated with that handset, and now the CID’s appear correctly. Many thanks to the gentleman over there who had the answer, hope this is helpful to someone else. Setting these phones up has been a challenge, documentation is confusing and scattered.

Just another question i wanted to know about the TGP500:

Does your TGP 500 Reload/Reboot with EPM when you Rebuild Configs and Update?

The TGP600 doesn’t