Paging "instant conference" feedback mitigation - duplex groups?


I am trying to create paging based instant conference with FreePBX 14 between 6 Cisco SPA303 phones, located in 2 rooms. The results are horrific due to the audio feedback from the phones in the same room.
So I’ve been thinking, is there a way to configure the system in a way that all of the phones in the first room transmit voice only to the phones in the second room and vice-versa? Or in other words, duplex communication but not between all of the phones, but between different groups of phones.

Or is there a better way to achieve this?

Thank you!
Stefan Nikolov

Can you isolate to just one talker at a time ?

If you start the conference out with everyone muted, then individuals could un-mute themselves with *1 or similar, as needed, then re-mute when done talking – sort of a “pass the talking stick” approach.

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