Page All Extensions Except the Paging Extension

Is there a way in the FreePBX 16 GUI to configure a Page Group to page all extensions except the extension that is paging?

In our system the user at the paging extension gets feedback from his local speaker.

I don’t know the answer to your question directly, but the Paging Pro module works great with “valet” paging. The page is recorded and then played back. It’s not live so there’s no feedback.

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In the page group there is an option for busy extensions. Set this to “Skip” in order to skip any extensions that are busy.

Thanks for the suggestion. I may have to do this if I can’t find another solution.

Thanks for the suggestion. We have separate extensions for the paging speaker, so it won’t be busy :frowning:

Oh gotcha. Didn’t realize the issue was coming from an external paging speaker. Are people dialing the paging extension or press a blf key on the phone? If blf key on the phone, you could create several different paging groups and program the respective button on the phone.

So for example all the phones in office A page are programmed to group 6000 which pages the speakers and phones in the rest of the building, but not in Office A.

In Office B, program page group 6001 to page all the phones in Office A, but not in Office B.

If you need the same office to hear the pages, you could include the phones in Office A in the page group that Office A uses to page office B speakers and phones, but just not include the paging speaker in office A in that group.

Otherwise, this is a perfect example for using the commercial paging module add on. It’s pretty inexpensive and allows “valet paging” where you dial the page extension record your page and when you hangup the page plays back over the proper page groups to eliminate feedback.

Here is a link to the Page Pro module I was referencing.

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Great … thanks. I’ll take a look.

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