P370 - No Background Image and No BLF Keys

I just finished a deployment with a customer with all P-series phones except for 3 S-series cordless. They have a total of four the P370. I have been able to get their company logo to display properly on the P325 and the P330’s, but nothing displays at all on the P370. Also, BLF keys set in the template for the phone in Endpoint Manager do not display.

This seems to be a lack-luster release. I understand some kinks always come along with new models, but these have been out now for several months, and it seems like there’s still a lot missing.

Any word on how soon these issues will be remedied? The phones are running firmware 4_9_2.



Ive been asking for background images for a long time for P370…no timeframe

So, the background image has no time frame, how about BLF keys? Does anyone know the status of making this “executive” phone more useful?

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Are you looking for a sidebar on the touchscreen like the D80 has? Are the favorites not good enough? There you can see the status of every internal number.

EDIT: You can use an expansion module PM200 with lots of BLF keys though…

BLFs for the P370 are created in EPM the same as for any other model. They are accessible from the favorites button.

Firmware 4_10_1 is available now in EPM, there are a lot of fixes, but idle screen logo is not available yet. There are few cosmetic things on the P370 that will be addressed in the coming releases.

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I upgraded the firmware on the P370’s (and also to the P325’s and P330’s) last Tuesday (Jan 24) to 4_10_1. I’ll keep my eyes open for future updates that make improvements.

I have ordered 1 P370 to play with it.
As of 2023.02.15, I can’t upload a logo.
Also, the main screen is blank, beside 5 buttons at the bottom (Call log, Voicemail, Contacts, Faborites, and Parked Calls)…

Is there anyway to enhance this screen?
Like more buttons, chat, call center, etc…?

Because at this point, there is a LOT of empty realestate space, and it doesnot look good. Specially if the BLF can’t be on the main screen…

Just my 2 cents…

Wallpaper support for the P370 is added to fw 4_11_x, which will be pushed in the next week or so to EPM.

Here’s is what @spioli’s P370 looks like with a current nightly build. Can anyone guess where he’s from?


Is @spioli from France?


Don’t cry for me…

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Finally! Looks great

If you worry about the empty space on the screen, just don’t answer any calls for a while… :wink:
And if you want to see the BLF-status of several extensions, just open the favorites tab.

Great answer. I’m sure all the executive users are going to love it, and will probably offer me a seat at the board. Joke apart, that’s not happening. Returning the phones.

4_11_4 has been released and is available in EPM. YES, Background image is working!!

There’s something wrong with EPM and logos. The logo I upload to EPM gets man-handled something terribly.

P330 is so small that it’s funny, however it’s actually acting correct.
P370 gets stretched out vertically.
D65 gets chopped off on the left hand side.

Here’s the logo used and screen shots from the phones.

Original Uploaded Logo:
uploaded logo




IMO old DPMA handled logos a lot better. It would respect transparencies, resized images, and centered them correctly.

Mine are looking and working great. I also make my base image the size of the screen and then overlay the logo onto it. I wanted a white background with my logo in the middle. So I made a white background the size of the screen resolution then put my logo in the middle…I then uploaded that entire image and it looks excellent…

One image for multiple phones in one template, or one template per model of phone then one corresponding image?

Is there a chart of logo resolutions for the P series phones as well?

I create templates per model…

For the P370 for example, I make my background images 800x1280 which is the P370’s screen resolution.

P330 and D65 would be 480x272

Here is my P370 and its background image looks great

That’s the work around for now while we get EPM to better process the uploaded image to fit the P370 better.

The LCD itself is 480x272 pixels. The idle logo for the D65 is 296x128 pixels. The D65 supports a separate wallpaper option that accepts 480x272.

The idle logo for the P330 is 144x86 pixels - less space between the line key / BLF indication affordances. It does not presently support a separate wallpaper option.

The P370 and D80, because of decisions we made with the D80 back in 2017 for SWVX attachment / ease, support only an idle logo at 800x1280.

png files all around.

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