P370 - No Background Image and No BLF Keys

I just finished a deployment with a customer with all P-series phones except for 3 S-series cordless. They have a total of four the P370. I have been able to get their company logo to display properly on the P325 and the P330’s, but nothing displays at all on the P370. Also, BLF keys set in the template for the phone in Endpoint Manager do not display.

This seems to be a lack-luster release. I understand some kinks always come along with new models, but these have been out now for several months, and it seems like there’s still a lot missing.

Any word on how soon these issues will be remedied? The phones are running firmware 4_9_2.



Ive been asking for background images for a long time for P370…no timeframe

So, the background image has no time frame, how about BLF keys? Does anyone know the status of making this “executive” phone more useful?

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Are you looking for a sidebar on the touchscreen like the D80 has? Are the favorites not good enough? There you can see the status of every internal number.

EDIT: You can use an expansion module PM200 with lots of BLF keys though…

BLFs for the P370 are created in EPM the same as for any other model. They are accessible from the favorites button.

Firmware 4_10_1 is available now in EPM, there are a lot of fixes, but idle screen logo is not available yet. There are few cosmetic things on the P370 that will be addressed in the coming releases.