P330 remote provisioning a template

What would be the secure way to enable provisioning of a template to a remote P series phone?

Zero Touch works for registrations with DPMA over UDP but the template doesn’t get loaded through that unless the provisioning port is forwarded to the PBX and that doesn’t feel like a safe solution.

I’ve tried getting a VPN configured on those but the P series seems to have a non-working implementation for VPN connectivity. I’ve had a support case (ID 00966285) about this open for a while now that seems to have gotten abandoned by the assigned engineer.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

Hopefully the solution here helps for VPN: VPN P310 Sangoma P-Series

I was finally able to get VPN working today on the P330 with the latest firmware 4_11_4, however, all EPM assigned BLF keys and Speed Dial keys disappear. Phone Apps don’t appear to work while on VPN either, including Visual Voicemail and Status. Also, I wasn’t able to get VPN working with TLS-SRTP at all and have to use UDP. I know there is no need to use both, but there is something wrong there as it can be done with an S-Series. @lgaetz are you aware of these issues or can anyone else confirm the same please?

There were some recent changes to EPM that allows services using TLS to work with the VPN client. I’m using EPM and apps and TLS signaling does work with the VPN.

Yes indeed, VPN is now working properly with – Thank you!

It would be nice if there was an icon to indicate VPN is activated. The shield shows up for TLS but not UDP. Another icon specifically for VPN alongside would be much appreciated.


Running a module update check doesnt show any updates for EPM… Is in Edge?

Im running into this same issue… Finishing setup of a new licensed FreePBX deployment on VULTR with a P370 and P330 as well as 2xSNOM M80’s for an industrial/CNC Manufacturing client.

I just turned VPN on for the P370 and its working…but PhoneApps are not…

It is. But you don’t need to ask, from the command line you can always run fwconsole ma commands with --stable or --edge. So for this case do:

fwconsole ma listonline --edge

and see what shows as the available version for endpoint.

With VPN turned on in EPM for both P330 and P370… phone works and can send and receive calls and shows the VPN subnet IP… Phone Apps are not working with VPN turned on. I did upgrade EPM to

With VPN turned off, phone is working great and all Phone Apps work.

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