VPN P310 Sangoma P-Series

Sorry to bring this up again… but there has been several firmware updates since someone else’s closed post and I still haven’t got VPN working on the P310. Zero-Touch Provisioning fine, TLS/SRTP fine, using EPM to reconfigure to VPN is not working. I’d appreciate confirmation a) VPN does work on the P310 & P3XX and b) it works just like the S-Series did when managing through EPM, whereby you can toggle it on and off remotely without some other process being necessary. I did not RMA the phone as suggested by Sangoma Support a few months ago, why if new firmware is on the way? I would like confirmation there are tons out there working just great on VPN first and so clearly it’s me or mine that’s the problem. Thanks!

VPN client in P phones works exactly like the S series. Once the userman and sysadmin config is done, you just enable it in EPM, extension mapping, rebuild, apply config and reprovision the phone. It’s been working now for a long time, there is no need a recent firmware, tho you should always be on the recommended version unless support tells you differently.

The one major thing with using VPN for DPMA phones is that you can’t currently enable redirect in portal or use zero touch provisioning.

So if I’ve used redirect in the portal / zero touch provisioning to initially get the phone online, whatever I do next, VPN won’t work when re-configured through EPM?

Going from old memories, I can’t recall what happens, but yes the phone will prob not register on boot. If you have zero touch enabled, just disable it, reset the phone and then manually put the dpma prov server details in the device when it boots.

Ok, thank you. I will try that again. You did tell me this before but now I’ve had more time to play with it today, that makes much more sense to me. I’ll report back.